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To have the internet we want, we need a strengthened Internet Governance Forum.

We believe that the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) remains at the heart of the internet governance ecosystem. There is no equivalent space for enabling public participation, shared learning, monitoring of progress in achieving inclusive, human-rights based, people-centred internet and digital governance, and discussing the positive and negative impacts of the internet and internet policies in a multidisciplinary and multistakeholder setting.

Currently in its third mandate, the IGF and its extension will be a critical aspect of the upcoming WSIS+20 review process and IGF+20 consultation in 2025, which will be informed by the proposed Global Digital Compact, to be adopted at the Summit of the Future in 2024. An IGF mandate beyond 2025 will be considered – presenting an opportunity for continuity and progress toward the aim of a people-centred and multistakeholder approach to global digital transformation.

The Global Digital Compact could help strengthen the mandate of the IGF, playing a key role in ensuring that the lessons learned from years of multistakeholder cooperation feed into future processes of internet policy, internet governance and global digital cooperation and in setting parameters for safeguarding multistakeholderism, transparency, inclusivity, dialogue and accountability.

To have the internet we want, we need a strengthened IGF.

Testimonies on the value of the IGF, in the first person:

The IGF We Want: Its strength is not to be a decision-making space, which allows for a free flow dialogue that shapes decisions made elsewhere
Markus Kummer
Secretary of the first IGF, Switzerland
The IGF We Want: Being at the IGF can give us a glimpse of how to become better
Nils Brock
Rhizomatica, Germany
The IGF We Want: Conversations have allowed for more nuance to understanding and trust building
Kathleen Diga
Association for Progressive Communications, South Africa
The IGF We Want: Finding sinergies and a space for collaboration
First time IGF attendee
Individual, Japan
The IGF We Want: The IGF is a fundamental space for the global South that the United Nations should continue to support
Keith Andere
Kenya IGF MAG member and African Youth IGF organiser, Kenya
The IGF We Want: There wasn't a place in the past for the conversations that take place at the IGF
Cheryll Langdon Orr
Company director and consultant, Australia
The IGF We Want: Es vital que cuidemos este espacio para que la tecnología beneficie a todas las personas
Eduardo Carrillo
Asociación de Tecnología, Educación, Desarrollo, Investigación y Comunicación (TEDIC), Paraguay
The IGF We Want: It is about the passion about the issues and the willingness to be part of the solutions
Innocent Adriko
Internet Society Foundation and Uganda Youth IGF coordinator, Uganda
The IGF We Want: Looking together at opportunities to push Africans forward in terms of digital transformation
Adeboye Adegoke
Paradigm Initiative, Nigeria

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